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TechD corp Mission, Vision & Values

Our goal is to set the highest standards of personal and professional ethics, honesty, compatibility and trust.

TechD corp is an exceptional provider

Exceptional provider of full scale staffing solutions and services across The United States Of America.

Partnership with TechD corp

We strive to help our clients recruit talented and committed professionals across all platforms.

Introducing TechDCorp, Staffing, solutions and services across USA

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Need help with training & placement? Support guaranteed: info@techdcorp.com

Our Company

TechD Corp helps individuals to find careers that are flourishing in nature. We help find individuals opportunities that help in building their careers.We are passionate and committed about everything we do.

We are best at providing 'out-of-the-box' solutions to our clients and employees alike as we are more concerned about people we work with. For us its always ‘You’ first.

TechD Corp is committed to finding you the right staff, right where you need it. We take a consultative approach to recruiting, screening, and placing quality talent to ensure the best fit for your company.

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Why Choose Us

Discover our advantages over other staffing services

Specialized divisions and subsidiaries - specialized recruiters in each of our industry-specific divisions understand the unique skills and requirements it takes to succeed in your field. Quick response time - we consistently recruit professional talent, so we have an entire database of qualified candidates ready to go to work for you. Carefully screened, qualified candidates - our comprehensive recruiting and screening process ensures you get qualified candidates with the skills needed to fit perfectly into their positions.

Benefits of working with us

Our staffing and recruiting services will save you time and money and improve your overall staff management process. Let us save you time by handling the entire recruiting, screening, and placement process for you. Let us save you money with our comprehensive approach and workforce management solutions. We are dedicated to your recruiting needs. See how our extensive staffing services can help save you time and money.

Types of Placement

We offer flexible placement options to accommodate the length of term that is the best fit for you and your company.

Contract, Contract-to-hire & Direct Placements

Save time and money by letting us recruit, screen, and place the professionals you need for a contract or permanent placement position.
We can place candidates initially on a contract basis. Once the contract ends, you have the opportunity to decide if they would be a good fit for permanent placement on your team.
We also recruit professionals to work directly for you from the start as full-time, permanent employees.

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